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Pale <silent-power> € 273,00

Pale <silent-power> € 273,00 - SILENTWIND ITALIA

Più IVA e spese di spedizione.

  • High-tech replacement rotor-blades for windgenerators SILENTWIND, all AirX©-types and AirBreeze© (with additional adapter-hub of AIR X)
  • ultra low noise emission
  • made by 100% carbon fibre material
  • wind channel optimized
  • hand laminated, UV-resistant carbon blades, successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122km / h (5480 rpm, with almost speed of sound at the blade tips). See for this our video clip of the wind-tunnel test.
    The safety of our rotorblades results from the fact that the production is made with the time-intensive hand-laminating process (1day/blade) with High-Tensile carbon fiber mats.
    All other carbon fiber blades are made of an injection-process only with granulated carbon fibers. The strength and UV resistance with this process is very limited.
  • balanced for low vibration
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